Ritec’s revolutionary new ClearShield Eco-Systemfor glass is the first and only technology with performance, added value and profit guaranteed at every step of the glass supply chain - specifier, processor, fabricator, contractor, installer, end user. 

The ClearShield Eco-System for glass is unique because it is both ‘new and proven’ – a combination of a) new technical and commercial developments with b) proven performance and durability. This innovative combination adds real value, both tangible and intangible, at each step of the glass supply chain. 

The ClearShield Eco-Systemfor glass is ‘proven’ because its core technology, the polymeric resin of award-winning ClearShield® durable, “non-stick”, easy-clean glass surface protection has not changed since its introduction in 1981. Ritec has, however, periodically improved the proprietary chemical cross-linking system, inhibitors and stabilisers of ClearShield®, which together determine its performance and durability. 

The ClearShield Eco-Systemis ‘new’ because it includes: 

          1- the next generation of award-winning Ritec ClearShield® – 

- further improvements in performance and durability 

- ‘multi-functional’ - works on any glass, anywhere, anytime 

- ‘super-green’ - reduces by 50% on average the energy requirements and carbon            emissions for routine washing of architectural glass;

          2- new ways of creating real added value, both tangible and intangible, at each step of the               glass supply chain; 

          3- tailor-made business development packages for new business opportunities – 

- diversification – factory or on-site; 

- differentiation against competition. 


The ‘new and proven’ ClearShield Eco-System guarantees performance such as maintaining the original: 

          - light transmission - for visibility and daylighting in buildings, energy output of solar panels               both thermal and photovoltaic;

          - clarity - for bright and “sparkling” appearance 

          - cleanability – for reduced frequency and difficulty of cleaning exterior glazing and improved              hygiene for interior glass.

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There are many brands of glass surface treatments on the market today, but only six types of technologies. Most products are re-brands and some claim to be new technologies, but are not. The six types of glass surface treatment technologies include three categories of water- repellents, two types of titanium dioxide (TiO2) “self cleaning” glasses and one technology for durable glass surface protection. The only glass surface protection technology proven in durability under all types of conditions is Ritec ClearShield with “non-stick”, easy-clean performance.