Introducing the ClearShield Eco-System in Lebanon


THE NEXT GENERATION OF RITEC CLEAR-SHIELD®                                               






We are happy to introduce the ClearShield Eco-System in Lebanon. Ritec ClearShield®, the first and only technology for “non-stick”, easy-clean glass surface protection, is now more technically advanced than ever. The next generation of ClearShield®sets new standards for performance and durability, adding real value at each step of the glass supply chain. The ‘original’ is now even better! 


For more than 35 years, Ritec has steadily improved both performance and durability of ClearShield® through on-going product and market development. Now, following extensive research, the next generation of ClearShield®combines multiple performance functions into a single package, making it ‘multi-functional’. This new package also includes a wide range of eco-friendly benefits, making it ‘super-green’


The next generation of ClearShield®is applied to new glass in the factory or existing glass on-site to produce new ClearShield Eco-System- the first and only glass with ‘multi-functional’ and ‘super-green’ performance. 


New ClearShield Eco-Systemis ‘energy-saving’ - the first technology reducing by 50% on average the energy requirements for routine washing of exterior glass in buildings - including manpower, operation and maintenance of vehicles and access equipment as well as consumption of water, cleaning chemicals and other materials. This also reduces costs and carbon emissions. 


New ClearShield Eco-Systemis ‘light-enhancing’ - the first technology maintaining the original light transmission of architectural glass – for enhanced appearance, day-lighting and well-being of building occupants for higher productivity; 


New ClearShield Eco-Systemis ‘anti-microbial’ – the first transparent, re-treatable glass surface treatment proven to resist the adhesion and growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi, also meeting test requirements of the EU and the USA Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for direct food contact. 


The multi-functional, super-green performance of new ClearShield Eco-System™is based on the proven performance and durability of ClearShield® glass surface protection. After more than 30 years, ClearShield® is still the first and only technology proven to have: 

• “Non-stick”, easy-clean performance 

• Safety in application – not classified as hazardous 

• Flexibility in application – factory or on-site – all types of glass, exterior and interior 

• Durable protection against attack by Moisture, Alkalinity and Dirt (‘MAD’) 

• Performance and durability proven through real life experience 

• Track records in all market sectors of the flat glass industry 

• Worldwide experience as part of a complete system – renovation, protection, maintenance 

• Multiple awards for innovation and quality 


New ClearShield Eco-Systemis user-friendly and eco-friendly with multi-functional, super-green performance. This wide range of benefits generates high added value for glass and glazing companies at each step of the supply chain.

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Introducing the ClearShield Eco-System in Lebanon

THE NEXT GENERATION OF RITEC CLEAR-SHIELD®                                                FOR more


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