The Ritecoat System

In normal environmental conditions, even the toughest surfaces deteriorate. Paints oxides and crack, metals corrode, lacquers and varnishes discolor and grow dull. Even stainless steel ‘stains’.


Most exterior and interior surfaces in buildings, marine vessels and transportation vehicles are high-maintenance and are easily stained/discolored by atmospheric pollution and other contaminants. Harsh and abrasive cleaning methods cause further surface degradation. As a result, surfaces lose their original appearance and performance.

The unique Ritecoat System is the first complete system and renovation, protection and maintenance of a wide range of surfaces: exterior and interior. The Ritecoat System is a surface protection system that is thin, tough, transparent and versatile, converting high maintenance surfaces into low-maintenance, ‘non-stick’ surfaces. It is a system that not only safeguards bare surfaces but also protective coatings, so they perform like new for longer. The Ritecoat System converts ordinary, high-maintenance materials into ‘non-stick’, easy-clean surfaces.

Working like ‘non-stick’ cookware, Ritecoat surfaces have higher quality, added convenience and added value because they:

· Are much easier to clean, eliminating the need for harsh and abrasive cleaning methods.

· Look cleaner and brighter for longer between cleanings, improving user satisfaction.

· Resist surface contamination, weathering and staining/dicolouration, keeping the original surface appearance and performance longer.


red glass

Telecommunications Technology Centre, UK 


The Ritecoat System is proven in architectural, marine and transportation markets. It has achieved countless track records under all types of conditions throughout the world.

For surfaces already stained/discolored, the Ritecoat System restores them to an ‘as-new’ appearance whilst a simple and economical after-care programme keeps Ritecoat surfaces looking and performing like new for much longer.



 tower australia                         bee bldg

 AMP Tower, Sydney, Australia                                                            Queen Bee Sculpture, Melbourne, Australia


 Lahoud 1                                 Lahoud    

    Lahoud Building, Sin El Fil, Lebanon,                                             After renovation & Ritecoat application
    Before renovation & Ritecoat application                    

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